Manrick Capotolan

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20 Feb: How a Computer Science Major ended up as a Kitchen Crew at McDonald’s

Disclaimer: This is not a McDonald’s ad. Before I start, yes I am a computer science major and no i did not really end up as a kitchen crew (at least literally). I love being a backend developer, particularly server side. I enjoy setting up the server, processing requests, creating DB queries, etc. I’ve been a server side developer for over 2 years now. I knew from the start that this is where I belong.
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31 Jan: Angular 2: Why Learn Now?

As a developer, we should accept the fact that our profession requires constant learning. Once we stay at the same level and get too comfortable with the knowledge that we know, we will be left out, easily. I came across this blog post by Paul Boag entitled “The Future of Digital Agency” where he tells why adaptability is very essential in our field. He believes that our industry is slowly collapsing.