2017 January

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31 Jan: Angular 2: Why Learn Now?

As a developer, we should accept the fact that our profession requires constant learning. Once we stay at the same level and get too comfortable with the knowledge that we know, we will be left out, easily. I came across this blog post by Paul Boag entitled “The Future of Digital Agency” where he tells why adaptability is very essential in our field. He believes that our industry is slowly collapsing.
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30 Jan: React Native: Making Your Life Easier and Brighter

To start off, I’m going to say a little about myself, so that you’d have an idea where I’m coming from. I am asoftware programmer. I had been working in the embedded field a few years back, and recently, I started venturing into web programming using Javascript. BUT, I am not that techie who can pull something off to magically solve your computer-related headaches. I am not the friend you can run to, to help you when you encounter the Blue Screen of Death, or to troubleshoot sudden network problems that obstructs your SNS usage.